We consider the Acquired Living Potential (ALP) a very important part of how things work properly.   When first starting the practice of list making and ending up not doing it for a while, then repeatedly just updating the list for accomplishment, no worries, this is a common cycle.   Do not give up.  Add stick-em notes around for reminders of the list.  Eventually, a person will feel they have not closed out the day without having the next day list prepared.  Carry a pen, to continue notes throughout the day, cleaning it up and having a new list ready each night for the next morning.  Handwrite your lists, type or enter the lists into your phone, since there may already be a conditioning of responding to your phone notification.   If you are not consistent early on, start again as soon as the thought pops into your mind.  It takes practice.  Tell people what you are trying to do, have them call or remind you and have them follow up.   Do not project into the future.  Keep your mind on the list or the one task.  Without awareness, and one at a time, chunks of productivity appear, along with free time and tremendous amounts of worthless stress and anxiety dissipate.  Remember:  

Take the categories of the ALP list, and answer the following 3 questions for each category.  Make each answer to a question only a couple sentences.

1) Where are you currently at in this category?

2) Regardless of when, where would you like to be in this category?

3) Quickly list 4 or 5 things needed to do, that gets you from where you are to where you want to be in this category. 

Now take a sheet of paper, or a day calendar from the internet, or your phone.  

Starting with whatever day tomorrow is, write:

Time getting up to what time going to sleep.  And all in between:

Hygiene, eating, errands, chores, obligations, work or school etc.  Look at the ALP list.  Include all of the 4 or 5 things needed to do. Your next day list becomes a short-term, mid and long-term goal list.  Cross off what you achieve as it happens, at the end of the day, make a new list for the next day, carry over what is still left and add whatever that following day entails.  Save the lists.  Go ahead and write, brush teeth, etc. and other mundane stuff on the list, so you can cross off multiple things.  If you do something not on the list, write it in, then crossed it off.  Things will be added, crossed off, and once the listed routine is in full gear, errands and responsibilities will get done and a person will want to get up and get going, not just get through a day.  Following a plan will get easier and ingrained.  A person becomes honorable to themselves and confident.  A complete turn around from an ingrained behavior of procrastination.  

How it works:

24 hours in a day, and 7 days in a week.  Total 168 hours.

Sleep 8 hours a night.  Equals 56 hours a week. Let us make it 60.  total hours left, 108.

Let's say a person works full time or goes to school full time.  Full-time work is 40 hours, let's add 10 hours for travel.  total of 50 hours.  From 108. leaves 58 hours.

If it is school full time.  15 units are fifteen hours of class per week.  let us give two hours of homework per unit, per week.  3 unit class is 6 hours homework per week.  15 units 15 hours of class.  30 hours of homework and give 5 hours of travel.  Same 50 hours a week. leaving 58 hours per week.

Let's say shower, eat, chores, errands. 3 hours per day.  21 hours per week.  From 58 hours leaves 37 hours. 

Almost an entire full-time job left to socialize, a couple good naps during the week.  No more rushing.  Time to grow and produce. Maybe work out.  Learn a musical instrument, volunteer.  And all the time to still be working toward the long-term goals on your list. 

Below is the ALP list. Each category, where you currently are.  Where you want to be.  How to get there. If you need any help, please contact us and tell us what is confusing or a struggle, or how it contributed.

Primary Support Group:



Physical/Mental Health: 

Ethics/Morals/Belief System:



Your Future:

Legal Issues:

Other Not Mentioned:

Where am I going and how am I getting there?

Some people plan, others plot.

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'Anxiety; What am I suppose to be doing that I am not doing? '

' Living in the present includes considerable action for the future.'

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