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participant practice program with tools and skills to overcome addictive thinking.
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Kings had food tasters.  The earliest humans did not even know if it was nourishment initially.  They were the first to have 'guinea pigs.'  The guinea pig would be forced to consume an unknown substance.  If they got sick or died, the others learned to stay away from that item.  If the 'guinea pig not only survived but felt energized and satisfied, then the others would follow, feel nourished and human life was sustained for another day.  When all the substance was consumed in their location, the group of humans moved on, looking for more nourishment.  And such was the cycle of the early humankind's existence.  Guinea pigs, nourishment, move on for more nourishment.  Except for another possible scenario.

If the guinea pig didn't die, didn't get sick, and didn't get energized from what he consumed, but instead, got happy, relaxed, and peculiarly fun, from ingesting an unknown substance, then the others followed and enjoyed the same results.  Turns out, we humans have been getting stoned and altering our conscious state with intent, for as long as we humans have been in existence.  And depending on the outcome of the very first substance that was consumed by the 'guinea pig', it is very possible we have been getting loaded longer than we have been eating or dying. 

Continuing for another day, humans had some issues with regard to food.  It spoiled quickly.  Especially needed proteins.  The body only could consume and then absorb a limited amount.  The necessity for more nourishment reoccurred often. They did not know at times, if when or where their next meal was coming from. 

The other substances consumed by humans, the mind - altering substances, were a different scenario.  Unlike food, it could travel and last ample durations.  And it was unlike food in another way.  The reoccurring need had greatly individualized variances.  Some humans had no desire, need or care to partake at all.  There were those who enjoyed it at the end of the day.  A few just stopped after small amounts, and a percentage of them could never get enough. They begged, promised, pleaded, threatened, and traded their last clean loincloths for the portion of the others.  And when that was gone or they failed, they waited till everyone was asleep, and they stole all they could find.  Regardless whom it belonged to, or the consequence if they were caught.  And in the morning, when confronted, they looked straight at the accuser and lied convincingly.  The others wanted to believe them, and did, and enabled this behavior to continue, for another day.

The grieving process thru a three year old.
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