Probation Opportunity Programs,  (POPS ), while keeping the welfare of the general public paramount, is committed to contributing toward the positive practices and conscious thought changes of people with impulsive behaviors and addictive thinking resulting in legal and drug use issues. Probation Opportunity Programs specializes in the proper assessment, planning, care, and support of qualified persons, for the opportunity to appropriately return safely back to their communities.  The goals are to drastically reduce recidivism rates by the productive building of a future, while simultaneously giving credence to the retributive ownership of past actions.  The sincere acceptance of one's past and the responsibility of one's future is mandatory in establishing proper foundations for the lifelong term of commitment, consistency, and credibility, for a person to change their lives into a safer and more productive citizen. In addition, demonstrating the well being of everyone, including themselves, as a practiced, conscious priority.  POPS  is committed to appropriately provide the continued necessary support for success.

Probation Opportunity Programs is part of the 'Poly Treatment -Team', or Evidence-Based Model,* dedicated to the collaborated efforts of The Courts, The Community, Neuroscientists (Biological, Medical, Medications), Sociology and Psychology.  (Dual-diagnosed disorders).  Included is the family, (primary socialization), and the proper intent of the offenders' themselves. The objective is achieving a lifetime of cessation of all destructive and criminal activities, maintain societal productivity, and acquire a sincere, conscious empathy toward others.  An accepted practitioner of POPS  has a primary assessment and understanding of Latent Impulsive Thinking (Syndrome)(LITS).*  An impulsive behavioral, and a singular, auto-responsive, CNS-brain disorder.  (LITS, Addictive Thinking.) This is due to a triggered, learned, ingrained, biological, necessity of immediate relief or pleasure. In actuality, the result is a polarized purpose. It is simultaneous, an unconscious, impulsive reaction that maintains the shame-based, low self-esteem belief of deserving pain, punishment, and misery.  The distorted (addictive*) thinking, and impulsive behavioral results, stem from a Primary Environmental Influence (external),* or Trigger Stimuli (internal).*  This is in relation to one's perception of themselves, others, and societal protocol as a whole.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Probation Opportunity Programs continually aspires to raise the standards as specialists in the transference of AddictiveThinking* to  Consciously Pause,* for an Identifiable Choice Action;* and Chemical Dependency,* (Chemical Dependency or Substance Use  Disorder.), to Individual Criteria Necessity.* POPS  maintains the policy of honesty and transparency in dealing with any and all parties.  Our conviction is to support the client with empathy, qualitative time, and dignity through even their most stressful times.  We are committed to the concept of ready, willing, and able, alongside Ownership of Responsibility,* Acceptance of Retribution,* Effort of  Restitution,* and Proper Sense of Remorse.* The safety and trust of the Community is our cornerstone.

The welfare of the general public comes first.  The regard for other people is a principle and practiced priority of POPS.  We report all violations of rules and Court orders.  Getting away with is part of the distorted validation of Latent Impulsive Thinking.*  Probation Opportunity Programs adheres to this policy with an individual criterion based on clients’ practical abilities, realistic intent, and degree of effort.  POPS  has a firm policy of assessment and acceptance into our program. We will not protect any party(s) at the expense of other  persons’ rights                                  


                                                     *Words or phrases with an asterisk (*) immediately after them, are                                                                                                            identifiable as our programs terminology or have been found by us                                                                                                           to have real or perceived variances of semantics,  (including amongst                                                                                                     different professions and professionals,) resulting in misunderstandings                                                                                       with consequential issues.  Please take the time to read the page titled, Redefining. 

.Steve Izenstark - Addiction Problems, Legal Problems

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