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'Are you put up with or looked up to?'

'Worse than change is not to.'

'Own ours, understand theirs.'

'We are younger older and older, older.'

'Be willing to be willing.'

'To be fully present is a true gift.'

'Just listen, stop fixin.'

'Meet the family.  Just meet the family.'

'Sometimes doing nothing is doing something.'

'The ability to ponder is in itself enough for a person to ponder why we have the ability.'

 'If a person doesn't know how to appreciate what they now have, when do they know how ?'

'When the word 'but' is used, the statement immediately in front of the 'but' is false.'

'The difference between a mistake and wrong is the intent.'

'Knowing what a person does not want, actually removes them farther from knowing what they do want.'

'Two half people do not make a whole person.'

'The problem is not the same question.  The problem is not the same question.  The problem is not the same question...'

'Thinking you are smarter usually does not look or end that way.'

'An inconsistent person is more predictable than a consistent person.'

'Are you out to learn something or prove something?'

'It is not a question whether every person can make a difference.  The question is, what difference are you making?'

'The same action can be appropriate or inappropriate, depending on intent.'

'We may not get what we want.  We probably got what we asked for.'

'The more time building, the less time tearing down.'

'I think I heard someone say that people like to be listened to.'

'Just because you can do it, doesn't mean you can do it.'

'Some people find it easier to feel better by making someone else feel bad.'

'Happy is a fleeting emotion.  Joy is the state of being.'

'The ability to ask is more valuable than the ability to answer.  Unless you know the correct answer.'

'Have more respect and admiration for average that gives its best, than the best giving average.'

'Joy is not based on reaching goals.  It is based on the character and effort striving for the goal.'

'A resentment is hurting one's self in hopes of hurting the other person.'

'Denial is a person who cannot believe it happened to them again.  Again.'

'Joy in the present removes the worry of the future.'

'Going nowhere actually goes nowhere.'

'If my thoughts are way over there, where are they if I go over there?'

'There are people who do not even listen to themselves talking.  You talk to them.'

'Do not believe everything you think.'

'We may have arrived here separately.  We have now arrived here.  Together.'

'Do nothing.  Forget everything.  Go nowhere.  As long as you don't infringe upon others.'

'It is very sound advice to pay attention to both the whatchamacallit and the dohickey.'


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Probation Opportunity Programs
University California Santa Barbara, #12665. Santa Barbara, CA 93107 US
Phone: 8003401922 Website:
Probation Opportunity Programs
University California Santa Barbara, #12665. Santa Barbara, CA 93107 US
Phone: 8003401922 Website: