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Redefining 2: More Definitions

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ACQUIRED LIVING POTENTIAL (ALP): Are the major categories of living and discloses certain truths about a person's actual living condition and performance. For our seminars and workshops, we designed a simple, interesting, and insightful worksheet based on those categories of life necessities and goal ambitions.  With the honest and diligent work of answering a few questions that take only a couple of minutes in each category,  ALP  gives a person the ability to see on paper where they are, where they want to be, and how to get there.  Acquired Living Potential page of this site has the categories and instructions. 
Combined with our trigger worksheet, a person can also have the ability to identify the internal and external contributory factors and obstacles that impede reaching their goal ambitions.  Guidance is required for proper results in the beginning stages. 
This is a favorite amongst the high school and college students who participate in our workshops

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SOBER:  The root is from the Latin;sobrius, meaning sensible, or not drunk.  Societal jargon does tend to define sober or sobriety as total abstinence of all mind-altering substances.  A sober thinker is generally an all-around sensible person regarding all aspects of their lives and may drink alcohol appropriately, etc.  Overall, their actions stay within range of the term sensible.  With substance dependency or abuse, we tend to consider sober only in terms of abstinence, without categorical considerations of thought, speech, or other behaviors.  This does create problems.  The final definition of this page, Ownership, Retribution, Restitution, and Proper Sense briefly addresses this issue.  The Latent Impulsive Thinking, 'Consciously Pause', and 'Changes' pages of this site contains more particular details.

SYMPTOM:  Singular evidence of a non-normal trait.  A runny nose is a symptom.  This fact alone will not be enough information to establish a scientific truth. 

SYNDROME:  A group of symptoms that possibly characterize traits of a conclusion.  A runny nose can be any number of things.  A runny nose,  with a cough, body aches and a fever, in addition to a reported outbreak of the flu, narrows the field of educated guesses. Though a syndrome also does not equate to scientific truth.
Disease (review): Must have an etiology (source).  The syndrome above sounds like the flu.  It isn't until the verification of a flu strain virus in a person's system.  A lump is not cancer without the etiology of cancerous cells.  This is known as scientific truth.  The government financed National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), has reported that 50% of pediatric prescribed antibiotics are prescribed incorrectly because syndromes or symptoms are guessed wrong.  This is cause for concern due to the immunities of medications being built up by these children.  (Amongst other issues of concern.)

EVIDENCE-BASED MODEL:  New terminology of a treatment team.  We identifythis asPoly Treatment or Poly -Treatment Team.

INDIVIDUAL CRITERIA NECESSITY, IDENTIFIABLE CHOICE OF ACTIONS:  These two terms are part of 'Consciously Pause'. First, as already discussed, this is part of changing the semantics.  Second, they are used as new triggers to create alternative neural pathways in the CNS. When external and internal triggers ( Individual Criteria Necessity), are exposed repeatedly at different locations, events, and times, the consistent practice to 'Consciously Pause'  begins to ingrain and replace the old electrochemical pathway to addictive thinking. This creates multiple new thoughts and the ability if the consistent practice to 'Consciously Pause' continues, to attach those new thoughts to one of several newly acquired Identifiable Choice of Actions.  This is literally practicing a lifetime of being conscious and following through with an appropriate choice of newly available behaviors as opposed to the triggered addictive thought and impulsive auto-singular responsive action. 



EFFORTS OF RESTITUTION                                                                                                                                                                                                                                PROPER SENSE OF REMORSE:  These statements are fairly self-explanatory and are provided in more detail on the 'Changes' page of this site.  They are mandatory to achieve the absolute sincere change within a person's intent and manifests in all their thought, speech, and behavior.  It is with earnest efforts, being ready, willing, and able in attitude, and having a consistent, credible, and committed practices standard.  The results are genuine, noticeable, and known as such to everyone.  12 step models call this a Spiritual Awakening, and the last 7 words of their 12 steps state: " practice these principals in all our affairs."