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'Consciously Pause'

'Do not confuse a fact as the truth.'

'To give back is to move forward.'

'Some people listen. Others wait to talk.'

'In the whole or in a hole?'

'Less Damage, Farther apart.'

'Time takes time.'

'Go to instead of run from.'

'Some plan, others plot.'

'Honesty can be a very effective con.'

​'It's OK to not know, and to say no.'

'Is your way in the way?'

​'Enough about them, what is your part in it?'

'Anxiety is: what am I suppose to be doing that I am not doing? '

'If you want to know where you are in this world, take a look whom you hang out with.'

'Sometimes nonsense appears to be the more common sense.'

'The last time I took credit for something, the cable company shut off service.'

'Doing nothing causes the years to go by faster than the days.'

'There is no room for others if you are full of yourself.'

'Where are you going and how are you getting there?'

'To have what you want, you have to want what you have.'

'You can never build upon, if you are always digging out of.'

'A selfless act actually reveals more of self.'

'Know the difference between an action and a reaction.'

'Living in the present includes considerable action for the future.'

'A reason is why a person didn't use reasoning.'

'Never be mad at your food or your money.'

'Talk with, not at.'

'Do not confuse impulse with instinct.'

'A lot of things depend on a lot of things.'

'Do not confuse simple with easy.'

'To be fully present is a true gift.'

'It takes other people to be ourselves.'

'sometimes  participate, sometimes  spectate.'

'To aspire and inspire will usually offend.'

'Always is never always, and never is never always.'

'It takes less time and effort to destroy than to build.'

'It is easier to change the problem than to change ourselves.'

'Confessing to a single lie is withholding more lying.'

'We are exiting the entitlement generation and welcoming the fortune cookie generation.'


Repetisms and Re-peatisms, (c) Copyright  2018,  Steve Izenstark.  All rights reserved.  

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'Getting out of trouble.  Staying out of trouble.  Two vastly different troubles.'