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Educational Seminars of Steve Izenstark,CDS

Currently, We are primarily involved in the necessary curriculum and topics for federally financed educational facilities.  This includes, not limited to;Addictive Thinking and Impulsive Behavior,Domestic Abuse, and Violence, and Sexual Harassment, Abuse, and Assault and Student Civil Rights. Mr. Izenstark as his affiliations believe the Latent Impulsive Thinking Syndrome (LITS) disorder of addictive thinking and impulsive behavior absolutely applies to Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault perpetrators.  Though not currently legally defined as such, our horrendous current school shootings, as with the overwhelming majority of all killings, are undoubtedly an act of Domestic Violence with a triggered LITS disorder.  Additionally, there is an extremely high percentage of drug and alcohol use that is attached to these severe behaviors.  This is not grounds for defensive pleas of lacking knowledge between what is right from wrong.  Very much the exact opposite.  On our webpage 'Repetisms', there is a saying ' Honesty can be a great con.'   Anyone who has dealt with a drug abuser or LITS disorder knows this to be very accurate.  Additionally, the familiar patterns of increasing occurrences with progressively more harm and risks is also evidential as per any behavior that qualifies as Latent Impulsive Thinking Syndrome.  Assaultive and abusive persons also share the LITS natural traits that their behaviors are neither random nor isolated.  In actuality, the behaviors are internally or externally triggered, and the progression is further ingrained through repetition and time resulting in a person that does not possess the ability to be independently corrective of these actions.  Regardless of their promises or perceptions.   Sadly, people who have gone through this also know that when the addictive thinking locks in, the person with the disorder will stop at basically nothing to achieve their desired goal, and they are experts at succeeding regardless of damage.  We need to increase our efforts and treasures with educating persons prior to thought process disorders reaching these levels.  Due to the increase in life expectancy, this issue will get worse.  The adage 'growing out of our teens,' or natural maturation, now occurs in later or older ages because we live longer (Life is extended, so all stages of life extend).  This enables the so-called teen impulsivity to last well into the late twenties or early thirties.  This creates a greater susceptibility to the addictive thinking as ingraining deeper over longer periods of time, thus creating far tragic episodes over more years including more people.  We also hear too much about seeing previous signs, or the person was in therapy, so conventional models are not necessarily working.  We believe this is very evidentiary.  'Consciously Pause'  and LITS  have shown excellent success and are constantly gaining more support and credibility by the continual studies, mapping, and findings of neurochemists.  Finally, as any good deed or new concept (since 2003) that stands to be a challenge and is a legitimate threat to all sides of the status quo, it does not go unpunished.                                                                                                                                                                                            

The bottom of this page shows our current posters.  Upon request, we will send out a dozen total posters as seen on this page.  Solid stock, 11.5x18, we request only shipping and handling charges.  Please use the fax or this website's contact page email form to order.  If desired, send your logo as a pdf.  We will prominently attach it to each poster.   

Steven Izenstark, CDS, founder, and director of Probation Opportunity Programs, 'Consciously Pause, the approach to an alternative, Latent Impulsive Thinking, and AS A TEAM has been Counselor on Record in civil, family, and criminal Courts for over two decades.  Including most counties in Southern California, and on the Federal Court level.   Mr. Izenstark believes in a real-time education and practice that approaches internal and external triggers with environmental influences and electrochemical neural pathways as the primary causations and the target solutions.


We have displayed a seminar outline and a couple sample pages from the handbook.  We apologize as we are not able to give the handbooks away.  Every student should have one.  They contain over a dozen pages and are continually researched and updated.  They can be purchased in bulk and we try to just cover expenses, such as kids on the parent 6 -year plan at out-of-state colleges, first wives, and he led the whole way and 'just' fell off the horse.  The handbooks are distributed as part of our seminars.  We maintain the copyrights and are applying for 501(c)(3), Non-Profit status.  Please do not hesitate to contact us about our seminars, the handbooks, or any other questions.  We thank you and appreciate your visiting our site.