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steve izenstark/Stoneman Douglas High School

Formed in the early years of this century, Probation Opportunity Programs (POPS), is based on our efforts and beliefs of reform, remorse, retribution, restitution, and rehabilitation. We are Professional Members in good standing by multiple Associations, (some listed above), and are recognized and respected by Criminal, Civil, and Family Courts throughout California, including the Judge Advocate General's Corps,          and at the Federal Court System level. 

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Steve Izenstark, treatment of behavioral practices to curb impulses and triggers.
Steve Izenstark and Latent Thinking, Impulsuve Behavior

              We take a limited number of individually referred clients.  If you are not a referral,                                                                 please still feel free to contact us and we will assist in recommending a course of action.                              

Steve Izenstark and support specialialists for Military, Studnts, Responders, Homeless

​​​​An alliance of specialized experts with assisting our current and Veteran Military Personnel, their families, first responders, law enforcement, students, and the homeless, in resolving any legal, financial, social, transitional, health, and educational concerns or requests.

Educational Seminars Series
Educational Seminars Series
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                  Sexual Harassment                             Sexual Assault                          Educational Seminars


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                                                                           All participants receive an outline to follow along with accompanying hand out.                                                                                We will discuss prior to seminars any specific focus points to include for each distinct group.                                                                         Due to the subject matter, our participants also receive a listing of resources and contact                                                                            information to assist with (confidentially) any type of request for necessary additional help.                                                 

Educational Seminars Series

 Educational Civil Rights                                                of all Students

Kent State Shootings
Steve Izenstark, Reform and Rehabilitation of Addictive Thinking, Impulsive behavior.
Educational Seminars Series
steve izenstark/California Bar Association
National Network to End Domestic Violence

         THROUGH A SERIES OF INTERPERSONAL & EDUCATIONAL SEMINARS, WORKSHOPS & LECTURES,                            THE ALLIANCE OF ENTITIES LISTED IN THIS WEBSITE, ARE UNITED IN A COMMON PURPOSE &                         COMMITMENT; TO EDUCATE, INFORM, & ASSIST BY TRUTHFUL & RELEVANT INFORMATION, WHILE                          LENDING INSIGHTFUL & ENGAGING SUBJECT MATTER FOR EACH PARTICIPANT'S THINKING,                            COMMUNICATION, & BEHAVIOR.  THE GOAL TO STIMULATE INTROSPECTIVE & CONSCIOUSNESS                                               OF THOUGHT TO PROMOTE EFFECTIVE DIALOGUE & UNDERSTANDING.                                            FOR EACH PARTICIPANT TO LOOK  AT THEIR  TRIGGERS, AUTO-IMPULSIVE BEHAVIORS* AND LATENT                                             ADDICTIVE THINKING,* CREATING POSITIVE PRACTICES AND SKILLS,                                                     TO INSPIRE MOTIVATIONAL THINKING & HEALTHY DECISIONS FOR CONSIDERATE BEHAVIORS.                                                   *Behaviors carry ranges of norms and levels of classifications.                                                                               LATENT ADDICTIVE THINKING &  AUTO-IMPULSIVE BEHAVIOR within normal ranges are habits.                                                                                              Copyright 2022.  All rights reserved.  By permission.

steve izenstark/Los Angeles County District Attorney

'Consciously Pause' is a lifelong practical approach to override Latent Impulsive Thinking (Syndrome's) addicted mindset distortions with a progressive cycle of impulsive and destructive behavioral patterns.  It is based upon identification of internal (emotions, states of being) triggers and external (environmental) influences that are the causations of electrochemical neural pathways that over time have been ingrained and burned into the CNS resulting in an addictive, locked in denial mindset that protects its belief system by alleviating the symptoms caused by the above-mentioned triggers through continual implementation of an accelerated harmful cycle of auto-impulsive learned behavior.                  The practice of 'Consciously Pause' creates new and alternative neural pathways resulting from a person's positive practices and newly learned skills to slow down and use a process of thought and decision making, with the ability to then choose an appropriate action as opposed to the cycled triggered latent addictive thought and redundant auto-impulsive re-action. 

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 The Soc/Bio/Psych of Drugs ​                   Educational Seminars

                          A Scientific & Personally Insightful look into                          our Individual Thoughts, Speech, & Behaviors.

Educational Seminars Series

       Domestic Violence & Domestic Abuse                        Educational Seminars

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https://www.steveizenstark.com/home educational seminars, positive practices to overcome auto-impulsive behaviors.

Latent Impulsive Thinking (Syndrome), (LITS) is a theoretical pioneer in the redefining of addictive mindset and impulsive behavioral issues, that are conjoined with individualized, practical, alternative approaches to the decades-old conventional treatment.  Latent Impulsive Thinking (LITS) is based on the premise that lifestyle behavioral choices, though they can cause multiple diseases, are not a disease in themselves. The foundation of Latent Impulsive Thinking (LITS) is that the LITS behaviors are a learned trait that is an impulsively repetitive auto-reactive result of a redundant addictive mindset which over time has burnt electrochemical neural pathways in the CNS acquired by internal and external influential triggers,  introduced from the surrounding stimuli and conditioned by our neurochemistry.  

Addictive thinking, impulsive behavior, and ethical maturation seminars by Steve Izenstark.
steve izenstark/Los Angeles Dodgers
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steveizenstark.com, Consciously Pause, ASATEAM, Probation Opportunity Programs, specialize in Interpersonal & Educational Seminars on Educational and Civil Rights for all students, Societal Ethics, Rehabilitation, Acclimation, and Change.