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Formed in the early years of this century, Probation Opportunity Programs (POPS), is based on our efforts and beliefs of remorse, retribution, restitution, and rehabilitation, along with The Courts and the legal systems requests, desire and necessity for help due to the advent of California Proposition 36.  For over two decades, Mr. Steve Izenstark has been recognized as a Counselor on Record in Criminal, Civil, and Family Courts, throughout counties in Southern California, and in the Federal Courts System.

 We assist confidentially, privately, and respectfully, a limited number of individuals based on assessment and necessity, along with the readiness, willingness, and ability of potential participant.   Assessments may vary from supportive consultations, facilitate treatment plans, participate on the Court record, intervene, or refer a more appropriate professional or placement.  If there are external concerns: Domestic, Social, Educational, Family,  Criminal, Transitional or internal concerns:  Addictive Thinking, Impulsiveness to Behaviors, Anxiety, Shame, Fear, Anger,  Grief, Motivational, Attitude, Credibility,



An allegiance of specialized support with a sole purpose of assisting our current, discharging, and Veteran Military Personnel, their families, uniformed first responders, law enforcement, the homeless, and students.  We assist in legal, social, transitional, and educational concerns.  



'Consciously Pause' is a lifelong practical approach to override Latent Impulsive Thinking (Syndrome's) addictive thinking distortions and progressively impulsive and destructive behavioral patterns.  It is based upon identification of internal (emotions, states of being) triggers and external (environmental) influences that are the causations of electrochemical neural pathways that over time have been ingrained into the CNS resulting in an addictive, locked in thinking that protects its belief system of alleviating the symptoms caused by the above-mentioned triggers  and continually implements the accelerated harmful cycle of impulsive, auto-responsive learned behavior.  The practice of 'Consciously Pause' creates new and alternative neural pathways resulting in a persons ability to slow down and use a process of thought, with the ability to then choose an appropriate action as opposed to the triggered addictive thought and redundant impulsive action. 

Latent Impulsive Thinking (Syndrome), (LITS) is a theoretical pioneer in the redefining of addiction and is conjoined with individualized, practical, alternative approaches to the decades-old conventional treatment.  The belief of Latent Impulsive Thinking (LITS) is based on the premise that lifestyle behavioral choices, though they can cause multiple diseases, are not a disease in themselves. The foundation of Latent Impulsive Thinking (LITS) is that all behaviors are a learned trait that is an impulsive auto-reactive result of the redundant addictive thinking which over time has burnt electrochemical neural pathways in the CNS acquired by internal and external influential triggers,  introduced from the surrounding environment and conditioned by our neurochemistry.  

Practice and education of impulsive behavior and addictive thinking by Steven Izenstark.