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2019 Interpersonal and Educational Seminars Series educational seminars, positive practices to overcome auto-impulsive behaviors.

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Though not always the case, Our Military Personnel currently has tremendous civilian and private sector support while on the job.  Sadly though, too many of our returning service personnel are struggling with re-acclimation to civilian life in the States.  The government acknowledges transitional struggles with our Veterans.  Including those actively seeking appropriate help. The VA chief, with pressure, resigned in 2014.  (Secretary of the  Department of Veterans Affairs, Eric Shinseki.  Also resigning was the undersecretary, the chief of security information, the benefits chief, and several  States had their VA chiefs also resign under pressure.)  Though there are absolutely multiple excellent people and operations doing great work assisting our Veterans in all categories, they need more from every one of us.  Our Veterans deserve a long-standing, sincere, reciprocity from civilians, the private sector, and government.

Our Military does actively attempt to transition its' personnel with all the vital tools, attention, and deserving priority necessary while actively still serving in the Military.  This includes preparation time for discharge, financial support for education or retraining, and professional, continual guidance.

Yet, current statistics are showing per expectations, younger personnel having greater difficulties.  The same statistics show accidental and suicidal deaths are higher than civilian rates of same age groups.  The reasons are common sense. Their friends have aged, stayed, and received more years to establish roots and social mores.  The Military environment by design will change one's thinking and behavior.  As time passes, society will also redirect itself. Military Volunteers are perhaps higher risk takers by traits.  And these statistics may be low in accuracy due to the majority of results are the Veterans we have been able to track.  The number of our Veterans who remain hidden or under the radar, regardless of cause or whereabouts, could be severe in underestimation.  The U.S. Government does not actively seek out these individuals.  Many will acquire or currently have issues which are progressing as the years go by.  Some have received prison or jail terms that could have been prevented and need to be reconsidered.  Divorce, rage, depression, substance abuse, domestic violence, less education, all higher in statistics than civilian rates. Law enforcement and other emergency response and safety officers have higher rates than the public in alcohol abuse, divorce, and domestic abuse. 

We are well aware of the high visibility of abuse of power, and we must do things better publicly and within the departments.  Departments need to be more transparent, and the public needs to not vilify all persons in uniform.  A suggestion is to talk with an officer next time your in line or in a parking lot.  Ask them questions of concerns as weaponry and calls. Listen to their answers.  Express yourself.  They want to listen. With, not at.  We are lacking in dialogue as individuals, one on one, informally. Again, with each other, and not at each other.  This is mandatory for better understanding and support all the way around.  And the most successful course of a solution, in all matters. Maybe humanity survives long enough for some father to say to his daughter, couldn't you have married an earthling?

ASATEAM  is an allegiance of all types of persons with efforts and skill committed to the sole purpose of assistance for Military Personnel, first responders, law enforcement, firefighters, Los Angeles skid row and students.  We discretely are referred for those who need help with concerns that include family, legal, substance, educational, transitional, or just feeling alone and stuck.  ASATEAM commits to assistance with dignity, privacy, and respect deserving of our true dedicated servers, those who at times need a little extra love and support, and those of our future.  ASATEAM  believes we all deserve and qualify for considerable efforts, treasure, and support, by and from, all of us.

military education transition
military education transition
2019 Interpersonal and Educational Seminar Series
U.S. Army
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ASATEAM assists those with the social services necessary to acclimate back into society.

national network to end domestic violence

social services, acclimate, asateam

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