Every topic of our Educational Seminars can appear to start off as humorous and relaxed only because these types of positive practices are very effective in conveying how deadly serious the topic actually is. In a truthful, disclosing, non-judgemental forum, we present chemical substances as symptomatic to behavioral issues that can be problematic onto themselves.  We create a conversation with participants about their personal use and beliefs.  We explain the categories of behaviors and the points of concern where any behavior can be destructive.  We go over the participants' age-appropriate statistics, we place emphasis on the environmental influences and the neurochemistry effects of the most popular recreational drugs, including Alcohol and multiple pharmacology issues Including Opioids. Discussed is the law (controlled substances and schedules), proper terminology and myths. The disease and treatment models. We have everyone participate in a well-received exercise that exposes our most glaring individual external and internal triggers.  We engage participants with the ethics of personal rights and responsibilities, the effects on children, family, and societal roles, the moral dilemma of government, and better solutions.   

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A most advanced of our Educational Seminars, recommended for all organizations, though suggested for groups familiar with our facilitation of prior topics. We include discussions of criteria and norms for Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Anger, and other disorders of concern to the specific group. A very important and serious topic to be prepared for. 

We present seminars all year, have Athletic and Academic Departments book us every semester or quarter and we assist in facilitating and participating every April for Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Certain Administrations opposed to transparency and outside oversight, consider us an unwelcomed involvement in re-writing of their handbooks and our designing programs for athletic departments.  We have consulted and advocated for institutions to be required to employ greater educational understanding, outside oversight for necessary transparency, better reporting regulations, universal due process requirements, anonymity, protection, and accountability.                           Please do not hesitate to contact us for booking and posters with your logo.

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                  As a positive practice, we discuss prior to all Interpersonal & Educational Seminars any specific requirements and focus points to include and emphasize for each distinct group.  All participants receive an outline to follow along with accompanying handouts. We also include a listing of resources and contact information to assist with (confidentially) any additional help.            Please do not hesitate to contact us about topics, sample detailed outlines, questions, rates, and scheduling.   

Regardless of citizenship, or resident status, any educational institution that receives federal funds is prohibited from discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability or age.  Title IX  includes every student. We wrote the handbook. Mandatory for all students to possess, as this is vital information for a safe and productive educational experience. The best interest of administrations is to be known to have positive practices and the most effective students are known to be very well informed and not fearful of their rights.

steve izenstark/Our beliefs and objectives.

These Interpersonal Seminars are our most referred and highest survey ranking of all our workshops. Recommended for every organization and institution where it is necessary for people to work, learn, socialize, or engage together.  A tremendous amount of                  information and a very upbeat and interactive session.  This is not a note-taking, listening, theoretical lecture or seminar. discuss from       electrochemical neural pathways to learned behavior processes. This is putting into practice what we know what we are supposed to do                                                          and don't, why and how we don't do it, and how to do it. It is our 'Consciously Pause.'                                                    Please do not hesitate to contact us and request our standard outline as we integrate personal necessities and specialized issues to assist each individual organization. 

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<script>steveizenstark.com/interpersonal seminars    steveizenstark.com, Consciously Pause, ASATEAM, Probation Opportunity Programs, specialize in Interpersonal & Educational Seminars on Educational and Civil Rights for all students, Societal Ethics, Rehabilitation, Acclimation, and Change. 
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A simple question to define happiness is something we all think we know, yet quickly becomes intriguing and engages everyone to begin a serious quest for encompassing criteria.  One of our most important seminars.  Soon to be a book.

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steveizenstark.com, Consciously Pause, ASATEAM, Probation Opportunity Programs, specialize in Interpersonal & Educational Seminars on Educational and Civil Rights for all students, Societal Ethics, Rehabilitation, Acclimation, and Change.

‚ÄčWe have quietly through the years assisted in acquiring immeasurable results for individuals harmed by their admitted personal behaviors, injustices, and cover-ups. While at other times, taking very public and loud direct false assaults and accusations by those who are protecting their self-centered, harmful, and possibly criminal interests and actions.  We give lectures, educational seminars, interpersonal seminars, and workshops to high schools and colleges throughout Southern California, University Medical Residents and Interns, the Staff at leading Institutions, Veterans Administration, Religious Organizations, Non-Profits, Rehabilitation facilities, and most other types of group settings.  We are most requested whether for a seminar, lecture, consultation, assessment, or other type of professional assistance, for the knowledge, effective communication skills, and positive practices with the topics of Latent Addictive Thinking and Impulsive Behavior, Illicit Drugs and Pharmacology, Civil Rights of all Students, Transitioning of Military, Law Enforcement, and Responders, Dual-Diagnosed or Co-Occurring Individuals, Domestic Violence and Abuse,  Sexual Harassment and Assault, and our pioneering work with prisoners, convictions, and prison reform. We are nationally respected and requested and regarded as authoritative experts in Title IX law and issues.  We have consulted and assisted in local and Federal legislation, and in Family, Civil, Criminal, Superior and Federal Courts. 

The National Sexual Violence Resource Center

Educational Seminars all year with National Awareness every October.  Please book early. Still one of our society's biggest, destructive secrets.  Advocates for positive practices with better transparency, educational understanding, and necessary changes in due process and accountability.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions. and personalized posters.

educational seminars, positive practices

We take a limited number of individually referred clients.  If you are not a referral,  please still feel free to contact us and we will try to assist in referring a course of action.