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steve izenstark/Think Different Our Scientific and Ethical Beliefs, Theories, Research and Moral Standards of Practices.

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steve izenstark/Los Angeles County District Attorney

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We take a limited number of individually referred clients.  If you are not a referral, please still feel free to contact us and we will try to assist in referring a course of action.  

       We consider the following as self- evident:

  A) All behavior is learned and practiced.  Behaviors fall under the categories of Abstinence, Experimental,        Casual, Habitual, Abusive, Dependent. (Dependent is concurrent with a latent addictive thought issue.)         addiction is a thought disorder.  Addict, from the Latin, Addictus; means to devote, enslave.  The                     distorted, latent or hidden addictive thinking protects and validates the behavior.

  B) Lifestyle choices are not diseases.  Lifestyle choices can cause multiple diseases.

  C) Trigger Stimuli (internal), and Primary Environmental Influences (external) are major behavioral                     determinants.

  D) Impulsiveness, immaturity, entitlement, self-centered, shame, hurt, anger, fear are some examples of         internal factoring issues of behavior.   (Trigger Stimuli)

  E) Peer Pressure, experience, (prior action, observation), drugs, sleep, nutrition, exercise, physical                      appearance, and weather, are some examples of external factoring issues.                                                              (Primary Environmental Influences.)

  F) People are processing vast amounts of information, at greatly accelerated paces, starting from                        determinately younger ages of peoples lives than ever in our history.  Simultaneously, there is a                      disparate increase in life expectancy, resulting in natural and emotional maturation processes                        developing at decisively later ages and stages of our lives.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        G) We are no longer 'growing out of our teens,' while still in our teens.  Inappropriate behaviors,                           speech, and thinking, which includes issues of impulsiveness, immaturity, self-centered, and                             attention deficit.* (* Included also, but not limited to created problems and issues of; Family or                       Personal,  Socialization, Motivation, Education, Shame, Anxiety, Credibility, Fear.)  This progression                 within a preeminent number of people later in life will create chronically ingrained traits, causing an             increase in prevalent triggers for impulsive action, and augmenting destructive behavior as prominent          by a proliferation of an increasing number of individuals for longer periods of time.  Currently, it is the         Neuroscientists, brain and CNS mappers that are achieving the most understanding. Recent studies by         Oxford Academic and the Gerontological Society of America are showing conclusive evidence                           regarding the lengthening of biomarkers, development stages, and functioning ages. These results are          validating our longstanding beliefs, theorems, and practices ('Consciously Pause'), regarding the                     predominance of the physiological and biochemical activities of a person's central nervous system in            direct relation to latent addictive thinking and impulsive behavior. (The Internal Trigger Stimuli of                   Latent Impulsive Thinking, which includes External Stimuli per Primary Environmental Influences.)                                                            
  H) The statistics of destructive behavioral recurrence are continually unacceptable.                                                   (Bureau of Justice Statistics.) 


          CONSIDER THESE ABOVE LISTED ENTITIES AS FINGERS OF A HAND. INDIVIDUALLY SPECIALIZED FOR                      PURPOSE & NEED, YET ORCHESTRATED IN UNISON FOR MAXIMUM, EFFECTIVE RESULTS.  THESE JOINT                        VENTURES COMBINE CURRENT BELIEFS, THEORIES, AND MORAL STANDARDS OF PRACTICES WITH                             ONGOING RESEARCH, INPUT, & INVOLVEMENT OF EXPERTS & PROFESSIONALS IN THE FIELDS OF                                      EDUCATION, BIOLOGY (NEUROSCIENCE), MEDICINE (M.D.), SOCIOLOGY (ENVIRONMENT),                                                          PHYSICS, KINESIOLOGY, THE HUMAN SPIRIT,  JUDICIARY, PSYCHOLOGY,                                                                                                              & OUR INCREDIBLE PARTICIPANTS., Consciously Pause, ASATEAM, Probation Opportunity Programs, specialize in Interpersonal & Educational Seminars on Educational and Civil Rights for all students, Societal Ethics, Rehabilitation, Acclimation, and Change.
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The collaborative efforts of our Precepts developed first from Probation Opportunity Programs and are our long-standing position of scientific research and ethica standards of Practices. of the affinity toward rebelling against corrupt power and the standing up for unjust victimization. Basedc on research, Scientific  Consciously Pause', the approach to an alternative, Latent Impulsive Thinking,  and ASATEAM is a continuum of learning, striving, and reaching by experts, professionals, supporters, and victims. The goals are to assist individuals as a team and to make societal changes by appropriate accountability of those persons and institutions that abuse position and power.  All persons are properly assessed and we only accept our specialized categories. There are an inherent desire and ability, followed with the prerequisite training, experience, and honed skills necessary for unchartered achievement in each associated specialty. The credibility and respect necessary for our work and affiliation with the private sector, schools, Court, and Judicial system as a whole rely on our preparation and work ethic, honesty, and sincere intent. Professional membership has always been maintained in good standing with several national boards and associations. We are trusted and requested by the private and government sector as behavioral Counselors and Educational Seminar Facilitators.   We have been asked and are used to consult, assess, mediate, recommend, report, and follow through on record in Civil, Family, and Criminal Courts, including most counties in Southern California, and on the Federal Court level.        

These Precepts Includes our Theories, Scientific and Ethical Beliefs based on Research, and our Moral standards of Practices.

steve izenstark/Cailifornia Bar Association, Consciously Pause, ASATEAM, Probation Opportunity Programs, specialize in Interpersonal & Educational Seminars on Educational and Civil Rights for all students, Societal Ethics, Rehabilitation, Acclimation, and Change.

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